Updated: 24th March 2021 

Please note, if Government Guidance changes between the time of your booking and the Service you are booked in to attend, we will be in touch to notify you of any material changes. 

We look forward to welcoming you back into the Legacy Church building in Doncaster. As you will see below, we have put a number of guidelines in place, based upon guidance from the Health and Safety Executive and our own risk assessments. Please be assured that we are fully committed to creating a COVID-19 secure environment. 

Many of the guidelines will be similar to that which you may already be familiar with in your workplace or in other public spaces, but to keep you and others safe, we ask you to read the following guidelines carefully as these are specific to the facilities here at Legacy Church Doncaster. 

Displaying COVID Symptoms? 

If you or any member of your household are displaying any of the main symptoms of COVID-19, we would ask that you do not attend the in-person gathering. Similarly, if you have come into contact with someone diagnosed or displaying symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days, we would ask that you do not attend. Currently NHS England advise that these main symptoms include: - 

- A high temperature 

- A new, continuous cough 

- A loss of change to your sense of smell or taste 


Car Parking 

If you are travelling in by car, you will be able to park in the main Legacy Centre car park, our team will be there to guide you to a space 

Face Coverings 

In accordance with UK law, you must wear a face covering inside the Church Building. You are expected to wear a face covering before entering the building and must keep it on until you leave unless there is a reasonable excuse for removing it. For children aged 11 and under, face coverings are not mandatory but may be worn if parents prefer. 

Entering the Building 

You will be able to enter the Church Building from 10.40am when the main shutter doors will be opened. You will be asked to form a queue outside the side building and not on the car parking area please. Social distance marks will be painted on the floor for you to stand on. As you enter you will be asked to adhere to the social distance guidelines between households at all times with your mask on at all times as the above guidance. 

Once you have entered the Legacy Church building you will be asked to use the hand sanitiser station that is available in the entrance lobby. Once you have sanitised your hands, please step up to the check in desk to sign in, for this process you simply need to give the welcome team your name and they will find you on our system and go through some questions with you. In order to get through the queue in a limited time for a prompt 11am start we would ask to keep conversation to a minimum please when booking in to keep the flow of the queue moving. You will be then be guided into the main auditorium using our one-way system. 

Coffee Shop 

Our Warehouse Coffee Shop will not be open during April but we will inform you when refreshments can be purchased at a later date. 

Physical Distancing 

Seating will be arranged in accordance with the latest social distancing guidelines, Household and support bubbles will be sat together and it is essential that you remain strictly in your household/bubble at all times, 

including children. We know you may meet people you have not seen in months for the first time but please respect the government guidelines and do not greet people with a hug or handshake. 

Seating in the Main Auditorium 

Upon Entering the Main Auditorium, a steward will direct you to your seating. This seating will be noted from your BOOKING. Please Note: we will not be able to accommodate any changes without you redoing the booking and confirming the people you are sitting with are in your household or support bubble. The room has been laid out specifically to ensure Physical distancing can be maintained and we would kindly ask that you remain in your seat (or standing by your seat) at all times. 


Currently the Government guidelines are clear that congregations should not participate in singing, even when wearing a face covering. We will ask you to respect that but encourage you to engage in worship nonetheless – by speaking out your worship and engaging in other physical ways such as the raising of hands and kneeling down (at your seat). 

Toilet Facilities 

Should you require the use of the Toilet, these are available in the Coffee Shop area. Please ensure that you follow the one-way system at all times and follow the instructions on the toilet doors. We operate on 3 people in the toilet area at one time. 


If you have got any young children within your household, we could kindly ask you to ensure they remain with you and that you supervise them at all times. 

At the end of the session, we would ask everyone to remain seated. The stewards will then direct you out of the main auditorium row by row using the one-way system. 

If you are requiring information about an event or need to ask our team a question after the service there will be a small information desk open for 20 minutes after the service for any questions. 

When exiting the building please ensure that you have all of your belongings, use the hand sanitiser and exit through the main doors to your cars. 

At Legacy Church Doncaster the leadership and team understand fully that this is a different way that we do Church meetings for this period but we really do thank you in advance for your cooperation of keeping everyone safe during this time.


Thank you and we are so looking forward to seeing you, 

The Legacy Church Team 



Latest update: For those who would like to gather in person, our Church locations will be open for live services in: Doncaster 11:00am – 12:00pm ONLY. 

We will continue to broadcast our services online for our Wales location and Online via our website and YouTube page for those who would like to join us. This will be available as normal at 11am for you to watch with your family. 

The Live services in our venues include live preaching and worship. This will be Covid safe and socially-distanced gatherings with all necessary safety measures in place, we will also be following all current and future government guidelines for meeting in person.

We Can’t wait to see you there! – (Please arrive at 10:40am to avoid missing the service). 




Here are a few things to help you and us:

  • Given that we can only fit limited numbers into the Auditorium, and there is currently only one service per week, the primary way church will continue to meet is online via at 11am. 


  • In line with UK law, you will be required to book a ‘ticket’, that is strictly for the number of people that will be attending from your household/bubble. Should any member of your household or support bubble no longer be available to attend, please notify us as soon as possible, by emailing us at Under no circumstances should you book in with another household/bubble.


  • Please only book in if you are definitely able to attend. Of course, we understand that circumstances will change - all we ask is that you let us know as soon as possible if you can no longer attend by contacting


  • There is no children’s work at the moment, but all children 11 and under will receive a pack on arrival into the main auditorium for them to do during the service. We are unable to safely facilitate children’s programmes at present given the restrictions on places of worship.


  • Families will have to sit together for the duration of the broadcast. Parents and carers are responsible for keeping their children with them at ALL times. This is for the protection of others in the auditorium. If children are not supervised, we will have no choice but to ask you to leave for the safety and well-being of the congregation.


  • In line with UK Law, you will be required to wear a face covering at all times whilst inside the Church Building. For children aged 11 and under, face coverings are not mandatory, but may be worn if parents prefer.


Upon signing up to join us in person, we will be asking everyone to fully read our Sunday Meeting Guidelines and confirm that you have done so. It is vitally important that you fully understand these and agree to adhere to all elements of the guidance. You can find this by visiting our website






How long will the Sunday In Person Meetings be?

Our service will last just one hour so 11am – 12pm. 


Will it be different? 

For those who have previously joined us for our Wednesday night Bible Study Nights in 2020 you will know the structure and format of checking in and being seating. If you haven’t yet managed to join us in person, you will notice a number of differences from how we were able to gather previously. You will need to enter the building, register on entry and then be shown your seat. There will be a lot fewer people than normal, physically distanced and wearing face coverings. The ministry will be very similar to church pre-COVID, with a live worship team, meeting leader and the preacher will also be bringing the message live in the room. At the end you will need to exit the building as directed by the steward, ensuring that you maintain physical distancing at all times. 


It sounds a bit strict. Will it be odd?

While we must all play our part in keeping the environment COVID-safe, make no mistake, we are so excited to be welcoming you back to Legacy Church Doncaster building and we are confident you will feel at home and have a wonderful time! 


Where should I park?
If you are coming by car, you can park in our Legacy Centre car park and there will be a team outside to guide you to a space.



Please note that spaces are very limited and will be given on a first come - first served basis. 


We would kindly ask you to ensure that you are able to attend before booking. If the service you would like to attend is full, please select the ‘Put me on the Waiting List’ ticket. Should any spaces become available, we will reach out to those who have expressed an interest.