Legacy church vision

At Legacy Church we have 4 main statements that help us to keep focused on what we are here to do for Jesus.




The purpose of Legacy Church and reason we exist is in ‘helping people to find and fulfil their God-given purpose.’




Our vision is our 5 R's which is ‘To Reach out with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to Reproduce disciples, to Release people into their gifting, to Raise up leaders and to be a Resource to the Church of Jesus




Our values at Legacy Church can be captured in 3 simple phrases:


No masks – We want you to come as you are.

No gasps – We will accept you as you are.

Only Jesus – Only Jesus can change us and every person needs changing by him.




At Legacy Church we have a goal of raising 1,000 leaders, planting 100 churches and gathering 10,000 people. We are a long way off this currently but believe this goal is both achievable and realistic with Jesus.