Sara Calder

Qualified Health & Fitness Instructor


Hormone Help

Here are few tips and ideas that might help in balancing hormones, helping us to live calmer, fitter lives.
I have gradually included these into my daily life over the past few years and they have helped me become a calmer, balanced and more energetic person.

1. The foods we eat are so important for hormone balance so try to include a few of these healthy fats

·      Coconut oil - great for cooking with and great for fat loss

·      Olive oil - great for drizzling over salads

·      Avocados - great with salads and in smoothies.

Healthy fats will not make us fat!! They help to build hormones.

2. Keep off refined sugars, cakes, sweets etc. They can send our hormones into havoc plus they spike insulin levels. 
Eat only occasionally; try to include natural sugars instead e.g. Fruit, local honey. The best sweetener to use if necessary is Stevia the plant based sweetener.

3. Eat your vegetables!
Lots of dark green vegetables, try to include spinach, kale, Swiss chard etc. Include colour too into your meals different colour peppers, tomatoes. They have lots of vitamins and minerals.
I like to roast my veggies in olive oil with spices.  

4. Flavour foods with different herbs and spices, they have amazing healing properties. They also make meals so tasty. 
I will do a little write up on them another time.

5. Limit caffeine intake to 1-2 cups a day; caffeine can increase the stress hormone cortisol. Try not to drink it after mid afternoon.

6. Keep moving!! Exercise is vital to a healthy lifestyle.
The benefits are huge in reducing the risk of high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and stroke plus diabetes type 2.
Exercise Helps

·      Manage weight

·      Prevent anxiety and depression

·      Prevent mental health problems

·      Boosts mood and well-being 


Find something you enjoy and that will fit in with your life. Walking, running, swimming, dancing, weights are just a few things I enjoy. Try to move more each day, even if it is for just 10 mins that will help.

When trying to make changes always start slowly, one or two at a time, or it can become too stressful and we end up going back to the old bad habits.

Be kind to you! You will have slip ups; each day is a fresh start.
Change takes time; it can take a long time sometimes. 
Making healthy choices can be an on-going battle sometimes. Yet consistency is key, lots of small changes over a year will give massive results. One or two treats in the week will help, as long as we are winning most of the time.


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