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What is Serve Day?


Serve Day provides the opportunity for people to contribute to their wider community by offering time and skills to various community projects. Serve Day is also the opportunity for residents, charities and organisations to apply for a team of volunteers to assist you in a task, activity or project.

When is Serve Day?


Our 2024 Serve Day is on Saturday 17th August.


What projects can the Serve Day Team be involved in?


Projects could include cleaning, gardening, litter picking, decorating and painting. These are just a few examples, we welcome other requests and suggestions for areas you may need help and support in. 


How can we apply?


Please use the link below to fill out the online application form. The deadline for applications is Friday 17th May. We will confirm if your application has been approved by Friday 7th June and will be in touch to gather further information to help the day run smoothly. Please be aware that all applications will be subject to adequate risk assessments and DBS checks (where necessary). We may not be able to approve all applications and we do reserve the right to withdraw from any approved application if the required checks and procedures are not in place.




Our Media Team will be taking photos and videos throughout the day to document the great things that will be taking place. Please be aware that anyone volunteering on the day may be included in this. 

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