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This Christmas we’re working with family support agencies to provide some local families, who are in need, with either a food hampers, hygiene hampers or baby supplies.

If you would like to donate a hamper or items from the list below please drop off during our designated time slots which are Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10:00-1:30, and Sunday afternoons 2:00 - 4:00 pm at the Legacy Centre, Unit 12, Shaw Wood Way, DN2 5TB. One of our team with be ready to collect items at our designated areas on arrival.

For more information email us

Shopping List

Hygiene Hampers




Tooth brushes


Bottled soap

Toilet Paper

Mens Deodorant

Womens Deodorant

Mens antiperspirant 

Womens antiperspirant

Hand sanitiser

Face masks

Sanitary towels and tampons


Baby supplies 



Baby wipes

Baby food


Food Parcels


Biscuits (Packet or box)


Bottle of squash

500g Bags of Pasta x3

Jars of Pasta Sauce x3

1 kg Bag of Dried Rice

Tinned Meatballs x2

Tinned Hotdogs x2

Tinned Tuna x2

Tinned Sweetcorn

Baked Beans x2

Tinned Spaghetti x2

Tinned Tomato Soup x2

Tinned Chicken Soup x2

Tinned Beef Ravioli x2

Tinned Rice Pudding x2

Weetabix (can be shop-own brand)

Box of 80 Tea Bags

Jar of Coffee

UHT Milk



*please ensure all donated items are not used/out of date


Please note that you can only nominate people outside of your family. It is your responsibility to collect the food parcel and deliver it to the person you nominated.

Thanks for submitting!

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