JUNE 2018

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Summary of Last Months Topic



At the Living Room, our goal is to help our women learn how to do life well. Life is incredibly broad. So each of our evenings hone in on a specific topic of life.


Our third gathering was geared towards the topic of family. For some people, that word brings feelings of home, comfort and love; whereas, others of us, this can bring pain, tragedy and sorrow. But we can’t avoid it. We all have a family. No family is perfect so we decided to bring to our panel some strong women who have faced different challenges in their family situations.


The ladies were vulnerable in sharing their stories, one a child of divorce, the other a woman of divorce. Some of us cannot even imagine what it would be like to journey as these bold women did.


Though divorce is never a pleasant thing to go through, we heard stories of courage and foundations in God that brought them through. “God is the first and foremost in everything” was one statement made that echoed throughout the evening.


How did they manage through the divorce? The local church played a huge of that.


Psalms 92:13 – (The Righteous) are planted in the house of the Lord; they flourish in the courts of God


These ladies rooted themselves in Christ and surrounded themselves by the Church. He brought them peace, He brought them comfort and He used His people in His house to reach out to the hurting and broken. The Local church may not be the family we were born into, but it is the family that can stand in the gap.


The challenge we can take from this is to be the Body of Christ and embrace the people around us as if God Himself were giving them a hug. We are called to be a light to the world and you never know how powerful a word spoken or hug given can be to those who are lost in the darkness. And many times, we don’t need to know because God already does. He just needs us to love His children.


As we love His children, this very easily rolls over into parenting our own children which God has blessed us with. Which led the panel to chat through the importance of handling social media in a healthy way as a family unit. Parenting comes with its many challenges; the most recent being social media. Fortunately, we can find comfort in knowing that “parenting never changes; it is just the surroundings that change”.


Del brought us some very good insight on this subject. We want to help our kids well so they can handle life on their own. She put out the challenge that we must live by example because kids will learn from what we do. This is incredibly applicable to all of us no matter what stage of life we are in. People are always watching and learning from your example.


There will be a parenting course held in our Legacy Doncaster Centre at the end of this year. This course will be going into more depth on this subject, but also covering many other parenting topics. Please keep an eye out for the exact dates soon.


This month’s verse is our overall verse of The Living Room:


Proverbs 24:3-4 – By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established, by knowledge a room is filled with all precious and pleasant riches


Some great resources to help with kids and social media:


www.thinkuknow.co.uk - a safe website for kids to use and learn how to safely use social media. It has age appropriate pages and also has links to help parents and carers deal with their children on social media.


www.careforthefamily.org.uk - a website to promote safe families and help those who face family difficulties.




We will be meeting in Rufford Park for our next gathering together on Saturday 21st June.